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The control room and two recording rooms are the center of CRS. The A room, the bigger one, with its beautiful variable reverb is optimized to host and record live an whole band. The different surfaces of the walls and the possibility  to shorten or lengthen the reverb, make it perfect for great sounding drums or guitars or even vocals. The B room is, in the opposite side, a more dead, intimate and close sounding room, great for speakers or instruments. The living room offers everything you need to relax, tv, videogames and a little kitchen.

We also have lots of conventions with hotels around the studio to ensure the best stay during the sessions.


We follow the artist along every step of his creative process, from the writing to the mastering. We have great professional musicians,  teachers and arrangers.


We also work on postproduction, advertising, overdubbing with some of the greatest italian or foreign voices.


In Crossroad Recording Studio, we strongely think that Art, emotions and feelings shouldn't be touched by the time you pass in the studio, everything here is made for your confort and you'll never see one of our techs glance at the clock while workin with you. High qualified techs, the best hardware in a professionally designed structure, make the CRS the best choice for your project, with severals rates to fit every budget request.

recording studio.

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